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I recently finished teaching a Zumba Fitness class when one of my regular mature students told me that she might have to attend my classes less often as she was suffering joint pain from Arthritis.

She was also considering a hip replacement in a few months. I felt very sad to hear this news. Joint pain, especially in the hips, isn’t very pleasant to live with everyday. I know what she was going through because my sister-in-law also suffered daily hip pain for many years until she had it replaced a couple of years ago. Now her pain has gone and she is very happy she replaced it.

Foods To Avoid for Arthritis Joint PainBut my lovely and loyal Zumba student was still enduring arthritic pain. I wanted to help her. I mentioned to her that I remember reading that there are certain foods to avoid if you experience pain from arthritis, oestoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout, or the other forms of arthritis.

I couldn’t recall which foods to avoid for arthritis so I did some research from reliable sources and decided to write 10 Foods To Avoid For Arthritis.

I discovered by avoiding the consumption of certain foods or substances known to be inflammatory foods, that in many people who have arthritis a change in diet can reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling in their joints.

Some of the foods and substances to avoid were just commonsense like alcohol, tobacco and processed foods. Over time none of these are good for humans especially in excessive quantities.

What surprised me were some foods were inflammatory and may have a part in causing joint pain. Such foods like salt and certain types of edible oils.

Or did you know that cooking your food or putting on a barbeque could be doing you more harm than good when it comes to painful joints?

If you want to know more make sure you read our article about the foods you should avoid in order to reduce the pain and suffering you are getting from arthritis .

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