Dave Paxton at Zumba Clubstyle 2012

Dave Paxton at Zumba Clubstyle 2012

David Paxton (Zumba Dave) is the owner and operator of First Wave Fitness that brings to you the fun and fitness benefits of Zumba®.

Dave is a qualified Zumba® Instructor (ZIN) since 2009 when he accidentally discovered Zumba® from the TV informercial for the DVD set early one June morning while sleeping on the sofa. Since then Zumba has changed his life in many beneficial ways. Not only has Dave become leaner and fitter than ever before in his life, but he has also had the enjoyable opportunity to share the fun of Zumba® through teaching others.

Dave has taught Zumba® mainly in gyms and recreation centres since early 2010. Building up his classes to a level of regular (some fanatical) Zumba students that love the fun and fitmess benefits of Zumba® with great Latin and other World music tracks.. In fact four of Dave’s students were so inspired by Zumba® they became instructors themselves.

Now Dave is bringing Zumba® to a wider community in the southern areas of Adelaide at Cumberland Park and teh surrounding areas of Westbounre Park, Kings Park, Goodwood, Unley, Mitcham, Torrens Park, Hawthorn, Clarence Gardens, to name a few. I have also been teaching in Flagstaff Hill and surrounding areas like Aberfoyle Park, Coromandel Valley, Happy Valley, and O’Halloran Hill. As well as 5 years of successful Zumba classes in Blackwood.

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 Posted on : October 4, 2011
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  1. Can you please tell me how much it cost per session to come along to Zumba?
    Thank you

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