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Stretching has many benefits. But you don’t have to go this far!

So do you stretch everytime you exercise? Or do you simply forget to stretch, don’t have time, or leave your group fitness class too early before the instructor finishes the class with a stretching routine?

Well I’m sure we’ve all been guilty at some stage of skipping our stretches when exercising. I mean everybody does it. We just managed to squeeze in a workout or some sort of physical activity – be it recreational ones like cycling and walking, or worl related like physical labour. The last thing we have time for is too stretch our muscles and limbs.

Then maybe you should read our new article on the “7 Reasons You Must Stretch With Any Exercise“. These seven reasons for stretching are in fact great benefits we can get from some simple body movements.

If you ever suffer from muscle sopreness or even worse injury from exercise then you must find out these benefits of stretching.

Stretching can be done before exercise as part of your warmup (you do warmup don’t you?). Definitely at the completion of exercise to stretch your tight muscles back into their resting state. Also stretches of certain muscle groups are recommended during a long exercise or workout. Say when you’re doing an hour long fitness class, or going for a long bike ride or walk. I often stretch my calf muscles and achilles tendons and quads during long hikes and cycling adventures.

The benefits of stretching far outway the consequences of not doing them. Muscle soreness can lead to DOMS (Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness) which can last up to two days or more. Stretching helps us reduce muscle soreness, mainatin flexibility and better coordination, to name a few.

If you want to learn more please read our latest article about the seven benefits of stretching.

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 Posted on : October 18, 2013

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