Stretching Girl Exercise Legs

Getting into fitness and exercising can be fun. Especially when you start seeing results like weight loss, toning of your muscles, decrease in body size, feeling energised and a general state of well being. However, there can be a downside. Especially if you don’t know the benefits of stretching.

Exercising can be unpleasant and painful too, during and after, if you don’t take the time to stretch your muscles and limbs you used.

In fact it’s a good idea to stretch before and after exercise. For long workouts, depending on length of time and intensity, do stretches for muscle groups during exercise too. So for intense workouts you may want to stretch at least every 15-30 minutes. This could be workouts like a Pump group fitness class, long bike ride, running or a hike.

More stretches are required if you’re riding, hiking or running up and down hills or slopes. Or if you’re pushing yourself hard. Your muscles will love for it later. That’s a fact!

Here are the 7 Reasons You Must Stretch With Any Exercise. Jump ahead to anyone or click Next.

  1. Reduce Soreness
  2. Increased Circulation
  3. More Flexibilty
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Increase Range of Motion
  6. Improved Posture
  7. Better Coordination

Let’s go to the first reason to stretch.

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 Posted on : October 17, 2013
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