1. Reduce Soreness

Stretching is a great way to reduce soreness after exercise and workouts. During exercise the muscles, ligaments (connect bone to bone and provide stability) and tendons (connect muscle to bone), that are used a lot tend to contract and don’t fully extend when relaxed. This tenseness and stress can cause fatigue, a build up of lactic acid and soreness to that particular area of the muscle. Especially with vigurous or heavy resistance exercise you may experience a type of soreness known as DOMSs (Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness).  DOMS usually sets in a day or two after the strenuos workout or exercise. However by stretching that particular group of muscles, tendons and ligaments, we extend them back to their original resting state allowing the muscle fibre healing process to continue, while increasing blood circulation to the muscle so it can utlise the nutrients and oxgen to recover. Both of these factors reduce soreness after exercise

2. Increased Circulation

Stretch during and after exercise increases the blood flow and supply of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and cartilage. This reduces muscle soreness after working out. Another benefit is you will be less painful to work the same muscles and to exercise in general within the next day or so. However if you are doing resistance type of exercises like weight lifting or Pump classes you may schedule a rest day in between workouts to allow enough time for your muscles to heal and the soreness to disappear. Another reason doing stretching to increase your circulation is vital after a workout.

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 Posted on : October 17, 2013
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