Here we are!

We finally made it through 2013 and already we have hopefully been enjoying the first few days of 2014.

The beginning of the 2014 New Year signals the setting and well intended committment of New Year’s Resolutions.

But we are all aware that many people don’t follow through these new resolutions for a better, more prosperous and happy life. They just stick to them for a few days, or weeks or even months. Before quitting them as fast as tossing a hot BBQ charcoal out of your hands.

Just the other day I saw that Julian Lennon (yes I am a big fan of Julian and his dad) shared an infographic on Facebook. It listed some things we should be doing less, and what we should be doing more.

So it wasn’t a list of typical soon-to-be-broken resolutions like losing weight or getting fitter. But it had a number of common things we could change to bring us into a place where it would be far more natural for us to achieve our main New Year Resolutions for 2014.

Here’s a bit of what we can be doing less and more in 2014 (click infographic to enlarge).

New Years Resolutions 2014

If you want to copy and work on this list for yourself. this is a slightly edited version:

LESS | MORE : Talking | Listening : Planning | Doing : Soft Drink | Water : Junk Food | Salads : Complaining | Encouraging : Worrying | Hoping : Doubting | Believing : Lazing Around | Working Out : Frowning | Smiling : Insecurity | Trust : Weakness | Confidence : Ignorance | Understanding : Hate | Love : Ungratefulness | Gratitude

Good luck with yoru New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.

Please let us know what your New Year Resolutions are by submitting them in the Comments below.

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 Posted on : January 4, 2014
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