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Banana Smoothie BlenderLooking for a quick nutritious drink that actually tastes delicious?

Well I have it here. The nutrition packed Banana Smoothie recipe.

This Banana Smoothie is full of Vitamins, essential supplements and dietry fibre. But it is also low in sugars and fats. So the calorie intake is fairly moderate. Depending whether you add the honey or not. It’s your own choice in this recipe.

We include all of the ingredients, utensils and equipment required. So you can be prepared to make your smoothie as quick as possible. The only kitchen appliance you need is a food blender.

Then we show you the method to make this Banana Smoothie. It’s very easy to do. Included are a couple of options with the ingredients too.

There is also a bunch of nutritional notes on the ingredients used, their benefits to your health and wellbeing. We cover the Vitamins and dietry supplements they contain.

So if you want a very yummy and healthy snack in a drink try our easy-to-make Banana Smoothie Recipe.

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 Posted on : November 12, 2013

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